First written at on 03/2016#prophetic #POTUS

In late August 2015, whilst I was meandering through the morass of YouTube videos, I spotted a video about Donald J. Trump entering the GOP Presidential Nominee race. I did not know too much about The Donald (as he is affectionately called), being a UK resident. I was certainly not that interested in politics, having been engrained with the establishment religious mantra that ‘God and politics should not mix’, which is itself supposedly enshrined in the US Constitutions. But while I was watching the video, lo and behold, the Spirit of Christ let off a mini bomb in me, instilling in me the knowledge that The Donald WILL be the POTUS (President of the United States)!!

Later in September 2015, whilst watching a GOP debate, I saw a mild mannered, extremely meek African American man who was one of the candidates running for the Nomination. His name was Ben Carson. Out of the 10 people on the stage, the Spirit of Christ very softly said that Ben would be involved with Donald Trump in the White House, although what his role would be, I was not told.

At this time the bookies’ odds of Donald Trump winning the Primaries (not the presidential vote) was near 1:10, since his standing in the political world is seen more as a joke rather than a serious contender.

The historic Donald Trump announcement speech is here.

Update 02/07/2019 

An unknown ex-firefighter, called Mark Taylor, said in an interview in May 2016, that he had received the revelation of Trump being the POTUS in 2012 (remember Obama won that time). In spite of facing a lot of push back (from Facebook and from so called evangelical Christian organizations), a movie was made about his experiences. Mark had written down the prophecy but did not tell anybody else about it till he mentioned it to his doctor in 2016. A lot of his prophetic message has since come to pass.

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